Marjorie Newman in Politics

Marjorie Newman in Politics

Who is Marjorie Newman?
Marjorie Newman is a mother, wife,  volunteer and a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. For seven years, she has practiced and assisted many Filipinos and people from other cultures reunite with their families and establish themselves in Canada. She is actively involved in her community, and in particular, in the Filipino associations in Edmonton.

She graduated with a major in Mass Communications in the Philippines and obtained a masters in Public Administration, which she used to serve as a Councillor for 9 years and a Provincial Board Member for 3 years before moving to Canada.

In Canada, she ended her career of working for a corporation to pursue her passion to help immigrants like herself by establishing her own business as an immigration consultant. Since then, she has been involved in a many organizations, including  the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC), where she served as Prairie Chapter Representative in Education and Governance and Nominations Committee, UCP Glenora Board, the Council of Edmonton Filipino Associations and the Philippine Business Society of Alberta.

Asked what her three greatest achievements are, she answered:
1. Having raised a strong, humble, responsible and most of all, God-fearing daughter.
2. Having the opportunity to assist people achieve their dreams of reuniting with their families and establishing themselves in Canada.
3. Being able to serve / volunteer in my community because I have always believed that volunteerism is an important way to keep our communities strong. I always teach my daughter and other young Albertans/kababayans the importance of community service because it teaches them compassion and understanding and allows them to leave their mark on their communities.

Marjorie has been nominated for the 2019 ATB Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Awards. She has also received 3 years consecutive Service Awards from the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC), which is an award given to immigration consultants to acknowledge and honor their dedication to their occupation and service to the association. She received the Excellence in Community Service for Edmonton award given by the Filipino Champions of Canada for her contribution and service to the Filipino community.

If elected what are the five things that you plan to do.
Marjorie will support a United Conservative government:
1. Job Creation Plan – enact a Job Creation Tax Cut that reduces the tax on job creators by 1/3 from 12% to 8% over four years and creates at least 55,000 new full-time jobs.
2. Repeal the Carbon Tax- Bill 1 of a United Conservative government will be the Carbon Tax Repeal Act.
3. Stand Up for Alberta against Trudeau and foreign funded special interests that are trying to land lock our interests.
4. Get our Fiscal House in Order
5. Protect Quality Health Care and Education

How Can Filipinos in Alberta benefit if she wins?
She aims to help reignite the Albertan economy, to be a voice to her fellow Edmonton-Glenora residents and also, to represent her cultural community, the Filipinos. Being an immigrant herself, she faced many struggles when moving to Canada, starting from very humble beginnings to seek a land of opportunity. Like many kababayans, the allure of Alberta’s once booming industry was a promise for her to better her family’s quality of life.

In running for office, her motivation lies with the people she hopes to serve. As a representative of the Filipino community, she wishes to honor her fellow kababayans by giving them a voice. To Marjorie, her campaign is not about ambition. Rather, she is moved and influenced about the stories of the people she meets, people who she hopes to help and people whose lives she can help.

Why did she choose to join the United Conservative Party?
Marjorie chose the United Conservative Party for how closely the Party’s vision aligns with hers. At the time she migrated to Canada, she saw Alberta as a land of opportunity. She aims to help re-ignite Alberta’s economy and in doing so help Albertans establish a better quality of life.

She shares the vision of the United Conservative Party to make Alberta a province that encourages everyone to succeed and to create opportunities for others.

How do you see yourself in 4 years?
I will continue to volunteer but will focus on non-profit agencies like Hope Mission, Edmonton Meals on Wheels, Mustard Seed, etc.

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