For Communities In Need

For Communities In Need

Like many developing nations, the Philippines is rich in agricultural products, yet according to the National Statistical Coordination Board of the Philippines, many of its farmers are poor, with an average daily wage of Php156.80 (roughly US$ 3.41). Human Nature aims to help change this by creating demand for high value essential oils instead, as well as programs that invest in skills training, sustainable technology, infrastructure, and values formation to improve the farmers’ output and quality of life.

As firm believers in fair trade principles, we offer to buy at just and fair prices from our community-based suppliers, sometimes even above market prices if the market price is not enough to provide a good quality of life for the farmers. Having a good business sense isn’t only about getting a bargain for our raw materials; it’s about ensuring that our suppliers, especially the community-based cooperatives, receive just prices for their products, too.

Through our partnerships with Gawad Kalinga and other organizations who share the same vision, we aim to develop globally-certified organic farms in the countryside that can produce excellent raw materials for Human Nature products, as well as community-based enterprises that will multiply the income of poor communities.


Human Nature is the Philippines’ largest brand of genuinely natural, affordable personal care, cosmetics and home care products. Founded in 2008 by Dylan Wilk, Anna Meloto-Wilk, and Camille Meloto, Human Nature’s products are 100% made in the Philippines and 100% free from harmful chemicals. Operated by social enterprise GandangKalikasan Inc. (GKI), Human Nature is driven by the core philosophies of being PRO-PHILIPPINES, PRO-POOR and PRO-ENVIRONMENT. In 2012, Human Nature was recognized by the World Economic Forum’s Schwab Foundation as a Champion for Social Entrepreneurship. In 2016, Human Nature became the first Asian brand to receive a Sustainability Pioneer Award from Ecovia Intelligence (Organic Monitor), a globally-recognized think tank for the organic beauty industry. To learn more about Human Nature and its advocacies,

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