St. Michael Assembly No. 2795 7th Annual Fun Golf Tournament

St. Michael Assembly No. 2795 7th Annual Fun Golf Tournament
Winners of this year’s St. Michael Assembly No. 2795 7th Annual fun golf tournament: Manuel Ibasco, Januel Ibasco, Ariel Gabi, & Joshua Salcedo.

Though it is now the month of October, I figure I would reminisce about a special event that happened last month regarding the Knights of Columbus St. Michael Assembly No. 2795. To continue, the St. Michael Assembly holds a yearly golf tournament as a farewell to the golf season and the season of summer.

This year’s anticipated date for the golf tournament was originally scheduled for September 16th, however with an unexpected snow fall from Mother Nature, the tournament was rescheduled for September 23rd. Fast forward to just a few days before September 23rd with the golf course informing the assembly that they will need to postpone the tournament once more because of leftover snow on the golf course and the severe chilling temperatures. Pursuant to that, the golf tournament was rescheduled a second time to September 30th.

With a shotgun start time of 9:00 AM at the Montgomery Glen golf course located in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, all the registrants and organizers were pleased that the event came through despite the cold temperatures. Each time the event was postponed, the number of registrants declined from 75 players, to 44 players, to only just 28 players left for the tournament. For all of you golf lovers out there, this scenario seems a little similar to the FedEx Cup playoffs format! Since there was still frost on the ground, there was a two-hour waiting period before all the groups would be able to tee off. But when it was all said and done, we all teed off at 11:00 AM and finished in roughly four hours.

The Committee of the event include:
Ricky Santos, FerdieMaingat, OrlyDamaso, Joseph Duenas, RestyCabalo, Armand Bernabe, Edwin Torres, Teddy Tuazon, Antonio Gonzalez, and Lito Reyes.

The tournament winning putt came from my Dad, Faithful Navigator SK Manuel Ibasco as he sunk a 15-foot putt on our last hole of the day in this best ball tournament for our group to take the outright lead with an eagle! This tournament was once again a success and I hope those of you reading this can join next season and have a great time.
I would like to thank all the organizers from St. Michael Assembly No. 2795 for taking the time to plan this event and see it through despite the two postponements. I would like to specifically thank my Ninong, SK Ricky Santos for being the lead organizer and facilitator for this event.

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