Quality Care Group vehicles in tip-top shape with Wefix

Quality Care Group vehicles in tip-top shape with Wefix

Quality Care Group’s vehicles are now being serviced by Filipino co-owned Wefix Auto.

Director Kris Salumbides of QCG, that runs Quality Sleep Care, Alberta Medical Supplies and Medicus Family Health Clinic and Pharmacy, said the company vehicles are being maintained by Wefix, another Filipino co-owned company, and they have been doing a good job.

Quality Care Group vehicles are mostly busy with their Sleep Study mobile service and installation of medical equipment by Alberta Medical Supplies staff at the homes of patients, majority of them seniors.

Quality Sleep Care and Alberta Medical Supplies have two offices in Edmonton and one in Calgary and Medicus Family Clinic, the first Filipino co-owned clinic, is currently operating in Edmonton.

Salumbides along with fellow directors Jesse Tallon and Jacob Christian have been supporting Filipino events in the province and at the same time patronizing Filipino co-owned companies that can answer their need for other services of their daily operations.

Wefix Auto’s Chris Ayson and Laarni Lising are grateful to the Quality Care Group directors for giving them the opportunity to keep their vehicles in good condition.

Ayson with the help of his crew personally see to it that the vehicles they service are also winter ready now that the snow season is fast approaching.

Photo by Moses Billacura | Alberta Filipino Journal


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