Lucky Gucci is 4, Teri follows up with another celebration

Lucky Gucci is 4, Teri follows up with another celebration
Gucci, her buddies and human family and friends come together for her 4th birthday at the home of Fly Friendly Travel and Tours owners Resty and Teri Reyes. (Photo by Moses Billacura | Alberta Filipino Journal)

Teri Reyes first thought of having that dog four years ago. It was just a thought.

But she could not stop thinking about and so she and husband Resty welcomed that dog to their humble home and named their new fury friend, Gucci, who just turned four years old last September 1.

When Gucci, a three-legged dog, came to the Reyes’ family, Resty could not help to reveal that her coming was good luck as their travel tours business started to have an upswing.

“Suwerte yang si Gucci sa amin,” said Resty.

The celebrations did not stop though as Teri received a surprise birthday celebration, September 13, at their office, Fly Friendly Travel and Tours along 51 Avenue.

It was a working day for Teri but that’s how business owners in Alberta do. Even on their birthdays, they don’t take a break. Except of course, if it is Gucci’s birthday.

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