Editor’s Corner

Editor’s Corner

Lahat ng lider ay tinutuligsa.

Kung di ka handang mapuwing; Huwag kang maglakad sa mabuhangin.


Ang Karunungan

Binigyan ka nga naman daw ng sapat o labis na karunungan upang ikaw kumita o sa ika bubuhay ay iyong magamit; hindi upang ikaw ay pagkakitaan o pagamit.


Framing-up: Toppling down from the stage

In the US, a frame-up (frameup) or setup is the act of framing someone, that is, providing false evidence or false testimony in order to falsely prove someone guilty of a crime.

Sometimes, the person who is framing someone else is the actual perpetrator of the crime. In other cases it is an attempt by law enforcement to get around due process. Motives include getting rid of political dissidents or “correcting” what they see as the court’s mistake. Some lawbreakers will try to claim they were framed as a defense strategy. (Wikepedia)

Beware! Persons of deceiving characters are like epidemics that persistently spread out to contaminate you. Not everybody who smiles is high profile. The Bible says: “Your enemy, the devil, is like a roaring lion, sneaking around to find someone to attack.” 1 Peter 5:8

Framing on: Staging onto pedestal

Issue-after-issue of the Alberta Filipino Journal have been testifying to the credibility of those personalities who have been featured in one of our columns entitled “Kaya Ko; Kaya Mo.” It is of course presumed that their lives have already served as living testimonies and exemplars to those who are able to attentively read about their stories of success.

If you know someone else whose life has been intricate yet managed to excel; then, let us bring his or her life, works, and amazing experiences to the knowledge of our kababayan (fellowmen)—Let’s frame his/her name on the wall of fame.

Learn to praise in public and blame in private! Learn to pay respect!
Learn to bring others to the top!
The more you learn, the more you realize how much you need to learn!

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