Editor’s Corner

Editor’s Corner
Nais Mo Bang Maging Masaya?

Sige, maging masaya ka! Tumawa ka lang kahit nag-iisa; aakalain ng makakakita sa’yo ay baliw o buwang ka!

Okay lang; akala lang naman eh! Dahil ang hindi nila alam ay ang katotohanang masaya ka lamang naman talaga! Samantalang sila: NAGKAMALI NA, NAGKASALA PA!

Stay away from AWAY!

Confusing? Yes! As there is an equivocal term (away vs AWAY) which connotes or signifies two different meanings. The english term “away” means “get rid of” while “AWAY” is the Filipino or tagalog term for “fighting or quarreling for a no noble cause at all.” That is why, the second AWAY must be avoided—it should really be shunned for the reason that nobody is going to win in this battle.

Quarrelsome people are the products of the painful past. They were abused. They are not happy; they tend to transfer their unhappiness to you and to everybody else. They are abusive. That what makes them happy! Sounds so contradictory hey? Well… That’s the truth. Unhappy people truly enjoy seeing you and others in the corner: lonesome and defeated.

Unhappy people are quarrelsome. Especially when they see others are succeeding. They hate that! That’s their frustrations amidst their severe frustration.

Can they be avoided? Yes! To avoid the non-sense fight against these people; you must not be ruled by your emotion. As the saying goes: “When emotion is on the throne, the reason is overthrown.” Remember that only lovers are licensed to be ruled by intense emotion. Bear in mind that the bravest guy on earth is the one who can set a good example to the new generation; not the one who you can always see along the street and online in the social media bullying others, especially the weak—incapable of fighting back.

One of the best ways to win the fight against the quarrelsome is to avoid them. Have you known some of them in your community? Then, stay away from them; so there’s no AWAY or Non-Sense Fight!

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