Ang Ibang Tao

Ang ibang tao, kapag hindi nagustuhan ang isang parte ng buhay mo; kaagad-agad na pagsasabihan ka o ipagsasabi sa iba na ikaw ay masamang tao o gago. Buong buhay at pagkatao mo, nais nilang sa karimlan o kawalang-hanggan sa putikan ay ibato. Samantalang isa o kapirasong bahagi lamang naman ng sarili mo ang sa panlasa nila ay hindi umeksakto. Para sa ganyang mga tao, ang buong pagkatao mo ay huhusgahang ipako sa krus o ipaghampasan sa matigas na bato. Ganyan ang ibang tao.


The Philippine Heritage Month

“We did not inherit this society from our ancestors; we just borrowed it from our children.” Time and again, I have been using this statement in order remind us of our inherent obligations toward our fellow human being in the community. Luckily, the concerted efforts by the group of Filipinos have tremendously garnered its favourable decision from the Government of Alberta to proclaim June as the Philippine Heritage Month.

Yours truly had also witnessed how hard it was to lobby and convince our fellow kababayans (fellow Filipinos) to bring one good intention into the nucleus when different groups aimed to claim ownership of ideas or monopoly of opinions. Obviously, the pioneer-mania has long been one of the social epidemics that intrinsically contaminates the Filipino Minds. But now, through the indefatigable zeal and effort of the new dynamic leaders, the culturally conditioned pioneers are tending to get out of their shells. While it is true that the youth of today is the future’s hope, Jose Rizal said. It is also true that these today’s youths may not become the future’s hope if they have not been well-oriented and prepared by the elders—elders who should set as good leaders—leaders who can produce reliable leaders—leaders who can contribute and continue translating mere ideas into reality—leaders who can keep on transferring the good values and legacy. Not only during the month of June, but the whole calendar year. Promoting co-operation with the Filipino people in the Philippines and in the whole world. Celebrating the Philippine Heritage Month that only starts from its proclamation up to its radical actualization. Rooted from the love of our Country, the Philippines as well as of our adopting Nation—Canada.

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