The Wonders of Canada

The Wonders of Canada

Julia Isabel San Agustin
9 years old
Avid and dedicated writer
Proud parents – Dr. Joel & Mrs. San Agustin

Ah, the wonders of Canada. Canada is a wonderful country with heavy snow. This country’s flag is pretty much just two stripes of red on the sides and a red maple leaf in the centre. When I first came to Canada, I was extremely surprised by the strong weather! The chilly breeze and the white snow just made me stare in awe. Of course, you can’t forget about the fascinating animals here too! There are strong caribou and busy beavers just wandering in the fresh grass, waiting to be found. At first, I thought this freezing snow was just a little joke, and because of that, I took off my helpful gloves and sank my tiny hands into it. I felt fine but after a little while, my hands were numb and an interestingly light purple colour. Trust me, whatever you do, don’t let Canada’s weather get to you!
One thing I can guarantee you though is that Canada is a great place to take pictures. You can snap a photo of a deer treading through the snow or the warm sun rising in the distance. If you love photography, Canada is the best place for you! Maybe you can even take a little picture of you making a snow angel.

Be aware of skiing resorts! There are many here in Canada. Skiing resorts can be fun but dangerous. If you’re a starter, try the baby slopes! I tried snowboarding but gave up. If you want some more action in your life, go to a skiing resort, or you could just watch sports channels on your television.

Canada is a fascinating country to explore! Remember, be an explorer, try new things, and it’s ok to make mistakes because you can learn from them.

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