Tax Benefits: Carbon Levy rebates

You must file an income tax return to be eligible for the carbon levy rebate. The rebate is based on your income and family size. If you are eligible, you will receive the rebate four times a year, in July, October, January and April.

The income levels to be eligible for the rebate are:

  • A single adult earning up to $47,500 per year will receive a rebate of $300.
  • A couple earning a combined income of up to $95,000 per year will receive $450.
  • Parents will receive an additional $45 per child (up to a maximum of four).
  • The rebate begins to be reduced for couples and families earning $95,000 in net income, and $47,500 for individuals.
  • Single parents are subject to the same income threshold of $95,000 as other families.

For information about the carbon levy rebate and your household’s eligibility, Albertans can contact the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-2809 directly, as the CRA administers the program on the province’s behalf. Albertans can also visit

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