To be a Leader

To be a Leader

In order for you to become leader, you should be a learner first and understand the responsibilities and/or qualities that would not be easy to carry out. A leader is not just measured by his/her influence and excellence in speaking but also measured by his/her faith in God. From my experience and chances to prove myself as a student council member, leader in group discussions and projects, a captain in a volleyball team, a family member, a writer in a newspaper, an altar server, a citizen and a Youth Bible Group member. As part of the Leadership team in our school, we have had activities that benefited our school spirit of faith, excellence and service. A leader can be an inspirational model. For example, Mother Teresa is a great example of an inspirational leader.

She helped the marginalized people to stand up on their feet and continue on with life. A great leader should be open-minded to the people around him/her. Leaders should be open minded on all the suggestions that people would say. A leader should always be positive because a leader would be very influential to their team. Being an optimist leader would make the viewpoint of the team optimistic – this follows the value of confidence. A communicative leader would be a great addition to the team. A leader would always talk about ideas and communicate to his/her members. A leader would not just keep quiet and say nothing because the leader is the guidance of the whole team. A leader should always be transparent and honest. If your followers sees you as this, they would not be afraid to state their ideas and be comfortable to work with you because they know who you are.

This follows the value of being trusted. A brave leader would have courage and boldness. Leaders are also humans, they also take risks – they also do mistakes, but we are all humans, we all make mistakes. A leader may not be perfect but what’s important is that they are trying to be perfect.

Enthusiasm, this does not just apply to the leader but also to the members of the team. If no one is enthusiastic, nothing would happen. We all have to keep trying until we get it right. They say, “practice makes perfect”, I believe that no one is perfect so I believe that, “practice makes progress”. A leader would not be a leader if he/she did not start as a listener. Thus, to be a great leader, you have to be a great follower because by listening to people, you will learn how to do it right and eventually become a leader.

To be a good leader, success would not just be right in front of your face so, you will have to undergo failure. I was also told some advices and lessons for doing wrong things however, I learned because of that. I have also done mistakes that brought my self-confidence down. Like what Michael Jordan said, a famous basketball star, “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying again.” Remember that also famous people made mistakes like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and Michael Jordan, but they became successful people/leaders. Although I started off as a learner and still being a learner, I can exemplify some things of maturity, being a child of God and being an influential leader.

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