Thanks Lube City for making my wife happy, new martial arts teacher at UFC Red Deer, Pinoy boxer seeks another win and this Pinoy billiards champion

Thanks Lube City for making my wife happy, new martial arts teacher at UFC Red Deer, Pinoy boxer seeks another win and this Pinoy billiards champion

It has been a stressful week, actually several weeks already, and out of the blue, Lube City Express Oil Change supervisor Warren Guillen phoned and asked if me and my wife, Marj, are interested to watch the Edmonton Oilers.

It’s like making an offer that you cannot refuse. Of course, “Yes!”, I told him, hahaha. You see dear readers, my wife bought an Oilers jersey and requested the Canadian Tire guy to have the McDavid name and 97 number placed at the back (you actually have to pay extra for those) even when told by the guy “what if he won’t sign up with the Oilers?”. Yet my wife replied with a smile, “He’ll be an Oiler”.

Marj, an ice hockey convert and a fan of Connor McDavid, No.17 in the Canada Juniors then, saw it coming. Connor signed up indeed a few days later. She must have a crystal ball! And for full disclosure, her other favorite is Nova Scotian Sidney Crosby of the Penguins.

That night, Marj finally had the chance to see his favorite player Connor in the flesh. I could not help but take videos of her reactions, hahahahaha. It was really fun and that night, the Oilers won in overtime against the visiting NY Islanders, thanks to McDavid’s awesome shot!

Thank you Lube City Express Oil Change and supervisor Warren! It was a memorable night indeed.

* * *

In another surprise, world kickboxing champion and long-time martial arts instructor Steve Grandeza has joined UFC Gym Red Deer as one of its instructors.

I just could not believe it!

Hearing his voice on the phone and seeing him on UFC Gym Red Deer’s Facebook account confirmed his presence.

Grandeza, who comes from family of martial artists in the Philippines, like other Filipinos have decided to try their luck by going abroad, joining other Pinoys in Alberta Province (the Journal says we are around 106,000 plus Pinoys in the province) in seeking better opportunities for our family.
To our Kababayans in Red Deer, master Steve is currently holding classes at the UFC gym, Unit 210, 500 Timberlands Drive.

Bring your kids too! Trust me, he is very good at teaching them.

* * *

Here’s my last surprise.

There’s a Pinoy who just won a billiards tournament in Edmonton.

His name is Jayson Handugan, originally from Cavite and now based in Leduc, who won in the recent Top Shots Handicapped 9-Ball organized by Top Shots Billiards and Ping Pong in Mill Woods.

He said another Pinoy was also in competition, Jerome Cablores who will try his luck in the next tournament.

A total of 45 players took part in the event, he said.

Not bad for a Pinoy making waves in the billiards scene in Edmonton.

Congratulations Kabayan!

* * *
Finally, this coming April 7 at the Grey Eagle Resort and Casino in Calgary, Pinoy Alvin Tam is fighting Luis Zambrano in a “Dekada Fight Night” undercard.

Alvin, who is from Benguet Province, said that his opponent is a “brawler”, a style which he likes, so it is going to be an exciting fight next month.

After suffering three straight defeats, Tam defeated Arturo Garcia Lujano last January 27 and hopes to improve his 14 win and six loss record by beating Zambrano.

We wish you all the best Alvin!

“As of March 13, promoters had a change of opponent for Alvin Tam. He will be facing Julio Cesar Ramos(11-5-0) instead.”

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