How a Beauty Product Can Help Save the World’s Problems

How a Beauty Product Can Help Save the World’s Problems
The women behind Human Nature Canada. L-R: Alma Angeles, LilingSamarita, Taj Chan andBengLasquety. Picture taken by My Life Photography.

Many of the world’s biggest problems are sadly still getting worse by the day, but one company from a tropical country in Asia is striving to make a difference through quite an unconventional yet interestingly brilliant way…by selling beauty products.

Meet Human Nature, a multi-awarded brand of genuinely natural personal care, cosmetics, and home care products from the Philippines whose love story revolves around love for people, love for communities in need, and love for the planet. Trying to help save some of the world’s problems one beauty bottle at a time, is it really possible?

Care for the earth —Each Human Nature product is formulated by a skillful team of scientists based on the latest technology in green chemistry and natural manufacturing. With NPA certified, cruelty-free, biodegradable products that contain absolutely no harmful chemicals, the brand makes sure that what goes back to our living ecosystems through our drains are clean and safe. “Many companies have jumped onto the green bandwagon so it is all the more important that Human Nature sticks to rigorous standards of quality, truthfulness and social responsibility” shares Human Nature president Anna Meloto-Wilk.

Provide livelihood— As a company that cares, Human Nature aims to raise the quality of life for low-income farmers and urban workers in the Philippines. The company invests in farming communities, helping them master the technologies to produce the luscious tropical ingredients used in their natural products. By doing this, the company strives to multiply the income of these farmers, whose income averages just a little over just $3 a day.

Advocate Goodness Human Nature also spearheads and supports various advocacies. One of which is their campaign dubbed ‘Goodness Rising’ which raises funds to help communities who have either been affected by natural calamities, armed encounters and the likes.

Think global Human Nature also works with international partners who are committed to spreading the company’s vision and mission globally. Here in Alberta, it was LAB inTernational Inc. who heeded the call when they launched Human Nature Canada in October 2015. What started as an effort to make a difference in the lives of fellow Filipinos has now become an undertaking for LABT to share and spread the goodness with the country they love and now call their own.

Human Nature’s genuinely natural products all went through Health Canada’s Product Safety Laboratories and have passed the licensing requirements to distribute the products in Canada.

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