Meet The Woman Behind Skin Lueur Aesthetics And Laser Center

Meet The Woman Behind Skin Lueur Aesthetics And Laser Center

Filipinos Success’ Stories:
Kaya Ko, Kaya Mo!
If I can, You surely can!

CHOLOMELEY “Chum” ARDANIEL is the CEO of Skin Lueur Aesthetics and Laser Center. She was born in Midsayap, Cotabato. Doc Chum as I fondly call her is a graduate of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) in May 2015, where she received a certificate in Aesthetic Medicine after completing necessary courses of study and clinical workshops and in November 2016 received her Diploma.

In 2000, she achieved her academic degree of Doctor of Medicine Cebu Doctor’s University in the Philippines. Prior to migrating to Canada she practiced at Cebu City Medical Center and Seamen’s Hospital Cebu. Received her training in Surgery at Gov Celestino Gallares Memorial Medical Center. Doc Chum is still an active Associate Member of the Philippine Academy of Aesthetic Surgery (PAAS).

It’s quite interesting to learn that her first dream is to be a soldier to serve her countrymen and protect the people, a dream influenced by her Father who is a retired colonel from the Philippine National Police (PNP). Although next to being a soldier, her dream was to become a doctor or a lawyer, instead she ended up pursuing medicine.

After moving to Canada, she decided to open a cosmetics clinic that became Skin Leur. Her motivation to open Skin Lueur for her clients are: to achieve their beauty goals, to help them regain their self confidence and outlook in life; to bring out the best in them, and for her clients to enjoy life to the fullest. When clients are happy with the service that she provides and achieve the results, she finds the fullest accomplishment. she is proud with the relationship she has built with the Filipino community in Edmonton. Doc Chum explains, “I build along the journey in thriving for success in life. For it is one thing to do the task but it’s another thing to gain people and community who will last for a lifetime. And I’m proud to be surrounded with friends and my family daughters and loving husband.”.

In times of struggles and difficulties, she finds solace in prayers and is an active member of Jesus is Alive, a Filipino Christian Community. She shares her favourite Bible verse from John 10:25: “Do not be afraid do not be discourage be strong and courageous.” In regards to overcoming the difficulties she encountered moving to Canada, then subsequently in pursuing her dream business, the key components every entrepreneur should have are diligence, perseverance, a supportive family and lots of prayers.

Her advice to those who want to pursue a career like hers is to “Pursue the profession; connect with people with same skillset; learn from others not only from the Filipino community; follow the correct pattern for there are no shortcuts in running a business. Get all the qualifications. Key qualities you need to acquire are: diligence, perseverance and hard work and lots of prayers.”
Doc Chum is happily married to Jeffrey Ubal and they are blessed with two children Hanna Margeaux Gabriel, 11 years old, and Kizette Carleigh Gabriel, 11 month old.

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