New Year, New Me?

New Year, New Me?

Some people says that New Year is a new page/new beginning of their lives. Some people believe that this is a sign to leave all the “bad vibes” from the past. Some people say that New Year is just the same as the other years. But I believe that New Year is a continuation of the things that we already started. Sometimes, we experience good things like making a group of friends that we can treat as family. Sometimes, we have things that we regret but all of those are in the past. In short, all of our faults and mistakes can be corrected and be given a second chance.

2017 was a tough year for me but it taught me so much lessons that I can use in the future. I must admit, I made so much decisions in 2017 that led me to make mistakes yet I still did good things that I believe was right. 2017 was not a joke for me. I experienced so much hardships but I somehow overcame some of it. 2017 was just not about the negative stuff that happened – positive things have had happened to me and my family. I was able to encounter a number of new friends and a number of blessings. In a nutshell, we may not go back to the time on where we did our faults and errors but we can still correct it and treat it as a lesson.

2018 had just yet started and will still have more surprises to come. We may not know what would happen but I can assure that there would be stunning and shocking events that would happen. We still have more decisions and choices to make. I, myself, made wrong decisions and choices in my life. As a youth, we are most likely to make wrong choices because we are just children who are just starting to live in this world – we are not mature enough yet. 2018 would be exciting for us because a new year means a new blessing. Do we really have to change this year? Do we need to believe in the saying,” New Year, New Me”? That is why we need to keep our heads up this year and maintain our optimistic point of view because it is the best way to celebrate the New Year with a Bang!

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