Palabok House Chosen as Gold Winner in 2017 Readers Choice Awards for Best Filipino Restaurant in Edmonton

Palabok House Chosen as Gold Winner in 2017 Readers Choice Awards for Best Filipino Restaurant in Edmonton

Proud owners of Palabok House Lydia Jimenez (Managing Partner), Eddie Gonzales (Partner) and Tina Toulvay (Partner) are ecstatic having been named by Edmonton Journal’s 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards as Best Filipino Restaurant in Edmonton. The partners said the hard work and the effort has paid off.

Each year, the Edmonton Journal asks their readers to vote for their favourites in a range of categories to determine their Readers’ Choice Award winners.

If you ask Lydia Jimenez and Eddie Gonzales what sets Palabok House apart from the competition, they unanimously discuss customer service, creativity, food presentation and generosity. If you talk with Ms. Lydia Jimenez for 15 minutes, you’ll realize that Palabok House actually has a secret weapon.. and her name is Lydia. According to her partner, Eddie, she is the heart and soul of Palabok. Before becoming the Managing Partner, she worked as a Server, Kitchen Helper, Cook and Manager of Palabok House.

Lydia is camera shy, humble, patient and a very generous person. When I first asked her for this interview she was hesitant. I have to explain several times that her story will inspire kababayans in Alberta. So she agreed but there is a condition that we will focus on Palabok House story rather than her personal life.

Palabok House was established in 1994 but the partners took over the business in 2004. It specializes in Filipino and Chinese cuisines. They also cater to various special occasions.
Lydia said it has always been her dream to own a restaurant, she loves cooking and managing the restaurant is her passion. She loves what she does and she puts all her time, her heart and her mind into it.

Eddie is proud of the Restaurant’s accomplishments namely it helps people by providing them steady income, they have hired Filipino temporary workers and helped them obtain permanent residence status and bring their families to Canada and Palabok serves the community.

Lydia said that one may have the greatest concept, menus, and talent but if your restaurant cant deliver a quality guest experience consistently, customers won’t come back. She added that “ we treat our staff like family”. The employees are their most important asset because it takes happy employees to create happy customers.

Her advise to those who want to open a restaurant.. ”To study well how to run the business, its not enough knowing how to cook you must know how to manage the business. Know where they are going, ask themselves if this is their passion,find the best location, serve the community and be patient.”

After 12 years of restaurant business ownership experience, Eddie said that their current challenge is becoming number 1. For these restaurant owners, success is measured only by honing skills, experience and talent in continuous striving for the best.

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