Annie Chua: Awardee

Annie Chua: Awardee
This is when I won the 1st Golden Balangay Awards held in BMO Institute of Learning in Toronto. A nationwide search for an outstanding Filipino in Canada. Manggagawang Pilipino of the Year.

By Annie Chua

Our actions always have consequences. Realistic thinking helps us to determine what those consequences could be. When I was in a process of going to Canada, I went through these elements to survive whatever consequences come my way. Here’s the good news: I did not waste time, I conquered that fear, killed my doubts, did a reality check then travelled 7000 miles away and face the future with optimism.

Here’s the second one, I did not waste time, I conquered my fear, silence my doubts, did a reality check then gathered my journal and published a book titled: Domestically Yours: A Caregiver’s Inspiring Journey.

This is a compelling story of my fascinating journey to the Province of Alberta in Canada with only persistence and courage on my back. A non-fiction book that will surely inspire every individual to reach for their dream.

So get on that vehicle of success, keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel. All your hard work will grow big. Believe that you can achieve!

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