Capturing The World

Capturing The World
Why do we love to travel?

Men are travellers in life. Almost everybody loves to keep moving and venturing not only to enjoy the new places and sceneries; but also, to reflect and discover the self or find the right place as their new home.

Peruvian National Costumes. A woven clothing from Alpaca wool Skirt, coat, hat and cord.

Dr. Rod and his wife Jencet Montano have explicitly expounded the significance of pulling life away from the daily workloads to convert monotony into diversion and joy. They both outlined what gains they’ve been benefiting and worth-sharing from their successive trips: To wit,

  1. Explores, appreciates, and broadens perspectives; not only of or about the world, but who you are as a person.
  2. Offers great opportunities to meet new people, makes social connections and helps improve your mental and physical health.
  3. Pulls yourself out of your daily routines and helps reducing your stress as well as maintains good health.
  4. Enhances your knowledge and keeps your mind sharp by exploring yourself to new experiences and environments through interacting with the new acquaintances and cultural orientations.
  5. Teaches you to expect the unexpected as you don’t actually have the exact knowledge about the places to be visited. For instance, I’ve never anticipated that there were breathtaking experiences I would be encountering in Peru, where I was rushed to the Emergency Room.

The couple also mentioned that a good travel should always be assisted by a credible Travel and Tours Agency. Thanks God, we have Resty and Teri Reyes and the Fly Friendly Travel and Tours’ Team, who never gave up monitoring us from the time we left until we came back here in Edmonton.

Historic Quarter Colonia del Sacramento Founded by the Portuguese in 1680 on the Rio de la Plata. The city was of strategic importance in resting the spanish


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