Alberta Legislature to Declare June as Philippine Heritage Month

Alberta Legislature to Declare June as Philippine Heritage Month

Albertans of Philippine heritage are proposing to the Legislature the declaration of the month of June as Philippine Heritage Month, to recognize the presence and contribution of the Filipino community in the province.

Filipinos have been migrating to Canada since the late 1960s. In the 2016 Canadian Census, immigrants of Filipino descent were pegged at 837,130. This figure did not include non-residents or those on temporary work permits. Alberta is one of the favoured destinations of Filipinos because of its diversity and growing economy. There has been an unprecedented growth of Filipinos in the Province of Alberta. In the same census year, the population of Filipinos grew up to 166,195, the 3rd in the country next to Ontario and British Columbia.

June is the most significant time for a Philippine Heritage Month as the Philippine diaspora worldwide commemorate and celebrate the June 12, 1898 official declaration of independence of the Philippines from Spanish colonial rule.

It will also fall in line with the legislation in the Province of Ontario and the proposal to the Federal government to declare June to celebrate Philippine Heritage.

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