Editor's Corner

Editor's Corner

SICK ARE SEEKERS: Touch their hearts

Nobody is exempt from sickness. It comes like thieves. We don’t really know when it will come into our homes to ransack our valuable belongings. Sickness is revealed by different symptoms. We are scarcely able to find a cure if our minds refuse to accept that the body is vulnerable.  No, not even the latest MRI, X-Ray or ultrasound machines can detect those bodily malfunctions if the problems are intrinsically in the mind. In these cases, the patients would only be overdosed by the prescribed drugs with the tendency to remain uncured. Simply because, what they really need is our affection and attention rather than those prescribed drugs and other medications. If viruses are infectious; our love is precious and contagious.  Sick people truly need our presence in order to be completely healed. To serve them without hurting our pockets; then, pay them your attention. That’s what they’ve been seeking for. Remember, no exemption, we will all get sick—seekers.


A heart filled with love ennobles the mind

Abundant blessings can only be obtained by those who put their hearts in anything they aim to achieve. The business operators of the newly opened Filipino Business Establishments here in Edmonton and Area are living testimonies and are privileged to speak about what difficulties they have encountered before getting the desired results for their perseverance and efforts. Their proven love and devotion to create an atmosphere of qualitative change and difference and the love and determination to earn better income and create impact by adding value to others too.

They deserve to be acknowledged and promoted. To name a few:
1. EDO JAPAN in North Town Centre
8322 – 137 Avenue, NW,  Edmonton,, Alberta, T5V 1V2

Nelson Rodriguez, the owner, says: “ It’s the new looks and concept of Edo Japan…the first and biggest one in the Country. We were blessed and honoured to have been chosen as the franchisee of this latest concept. Since it is hearts month, Edo Japan in North Town Branch offers a family deal meal up to $24.00 which includes two Teppan Meals by just presenting this Alberta Filipino Journal’s editorial upon ordering.

13127 156 Street, NW, Edmonton, AB, T5V 1V2

7451 Roper Road, NW, Edmonton, AB, T6B 3K9

Note to other Filipino businessmen: At AFJ, it is our ardent desire to support and promote you all. If you feel the same, then, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can further discuss how to help advertise your business ventures.

A heart filled with love truly serves

A Grand Salute and Congratulations to the Office of Consul General Julius  Torres for devotedly bringing  government services to the Filipino People through the outreach programs being assisted primarily by the Duterte Volunteers of Alberta, headed by Benjie Lindo and secondarily, by various Filipino groups and sectors.


“We can serve without loving; but we cannot love without serving!”

 Happy Lovers’ Day to All!

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