Arts and Culture: From Folk Creativity to Modern Consumption

Arts and Culture: From Folk Creativity to Modern Consumption

Nothing has evolved without the stain of arts and culture. From the molecule to atom, from point to point, elsewhere and everywhere; everything can be coloured and shaped either by abstraction or imagination. Imagination is the handmaid of art. Art is carrier of fashion. One gets attracted to another because of art. A lover may not only express his feelings in letters or in simple words; he always has a good reason to compose a poem or song to recite and sing in front of the lady he most loved. Different individuals, various artists and varied arts become one because of culture, as it is the binding force and value-carrier. Language, on the other hand, that culture is transmitted via education—the prime agent of change.

In any order, the terms arts, culture, language, and education are inter-dependent with each other. No fashion is concomitantly similar to all generations and cultural orientations. Evolution conquers all the fashions. Uniqueness rather than ubiquity is the father of antiquity. For instance, the advent of an i-phone 7 plus or a Samsung Galaxy had outdated all other cellphones being manufactured in just a matter of one or two years. As a matter of fact, one country may not even have introduced yet what the other country has already been having and enjoying. Does this mean that the other is dominantly artistic or fashionable than the other? Can someone be automatically called out-of-fashion when he embraced antiquity and is using a 3210 Nokia Cellphone? (In our language, so baduy!) What is the trend then?

Folk Creativity: The Work of Art
In Ancient times, most products were hand-crafted. Hand-woven or knitted clothes, scarfs, blankets were famous products. And therefore, the works of art. Through the work of art, no two things are alike.

Modern Consumption: The Work of Machine
However, in modern-contemporary times, these methods are changed with the new technology. Most of the products nowadays are machine-made. Through the work of machine, everything is the same.

Mass Productions!
There smells like something fishy. A significant relationship then between economics and population is conspicuously observed here: “When the supply increases; the demand decreases and vice versa.” Manufacturers have utilized the “one size fits all or unisex” system of production. Other businessmen even got the famous actors and actresses to wear, use, or endorse their products so they can easily influence the consumers to buy even if the clothes they are getting, for instance, do not match with their looks and sizes. In the last analysis, it’s so easy to make money through mass production. Where is the creativity then? The only creative I can see in this process is the one who invented the machine but not the machine-made products.

Promoting the Future without relinquishing the Past
“Past is past,” “Let bygone be bygone,” and “What has been done cannot be undone,” are all broken-hearted’s favourite battle cry. They always wanted the painful past be buried into oblivion. Which, I think, is understandable because of the painfulness the past may bring. In this sense, forgetting what unreasonably hurts someone should not be dragged into the present.

However, always develop the habit of bringing the lessons of the past into the present. Hence, whatever had painfully and objectively been in existence may be coloured with every artist’s perspectives. Let the object of the past be painted and improved from different angles and eventually be appreciated by different cultures.

Here in Alberta, especially in Edmonton, the Philippine Arts Council, headed by Jojo and Ida Lucila; the Filipino Fighting Arts, headed by Herald Casana, and other Filipino Artists have already been displaying their different masterpieces and line of expertise to revitalize, recultivate, and accept what the genuine Filipino Arts and Culture is. Obviously, they have also been educating other races to let them feel the beauty and essence of the Filipino Culture.

Though Fashions, fads, trends, and crazes are constantly mutable but they must also be relatively permanent. A product’s usefulness must be preserved depending upon the purpose.

Be reminded that there are manifold circumstances that require both preservation and resolution or amendment. While it is true that there may be ordinances being amended and ratified in the past 20 or 50 years yet still useful until the present; it is also true that there may be freshly ratified bills but not truly attend to the welfare of the society. For art’s sake, let’s all promote growth and development simultaneously. If we want a bountiful harvest, we have to plant and nurture the old -rotten seeds.

“Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.” Means, “He who does not know how to take a glance where he came from will never get into his destination.” Jose Rizal

“Unless the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it will not bear much fruit.” John 12:24

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