Today’s Topic: “The Secret!”

Today’s Topic: “The Secret!”

“I aspire to inspire before I expire!  My talent is God’s gift to me. What I do with it is my Ggft back to God. God bless all!”

In his excellent Book “LIFE BALANCE”, Richard Eyre uses a catch phrase to describe the necessity for “Balance in our Lives”. He calls it “THE SPEED OF GOING SLOW”. It is the conscious decision to work on ALL AREAS of your life constantly so that NOTHING IS OUT OF BALANCE.

Since 2005 and even before I read Robert Allen’s book, I have observed and have been advocating that “LIVING A BALANCED LIFE (PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY & SOCIALLY, FINANCIALLY & SPIRITUALLY) is THE SECRET TO A HAPPY & HEALTHY LIFE!”

In his book “MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME”, Robert Allen pointed out there are SIX (6) MAJOR RESOURCES in your Life that NEED to be kept in constant BALANCE:

The brain is the MOST Powerful Computer in the Universe. They say that we USE only a FRACTION of our POTENTIAL, maybe 5 PERCENT. If you could just IMPROVE the USE of your BRAIN by a TINY FRACTION, you would make MASSIVE IMRPOVEMENTS in your Life.

What an incredible tool it is. Your heart beats over 100,000 times a day WITHOUT a single conscious thought on your part. Amazing, isn’t it? How your body is? Could you squeeze a Decade or two more out of yourself by taking BETTER CARE of your BODY NOW? Could you be MORE PRODUCTIVE TODAY by treating our BODY with MORE CARE? Could this lead to MORE MONEY in YOUR POCKET? I think so.

Some people call it SPIRIT. Others call it SOUL. I (ROBERT ALLEN) call it BEING. It’s your ESSENCE, your BE-ING. It’s the part of you that’s UNIQUE and ETERNAL. SPENDING TIME on your SPIRITUAL Side gives you PERSPECTIVE on the daily pressures of Life. With perspective, you be more grounded, more tranquil, MORE AT PEACE. This is a VERY IMPORTANT PART of my Life. Life would be meaningless without it.

According to a Gallup Poll, about 95% of North Americans BELIEVE in a HIGHER POWER. We just USE DIFFERENT NAMES: GOD, UNIVERSE, HIGHER POWER, ALLAH, NATURE, THE SPIRIT and so forth. If there IS A HIGHER POWER, an ALL-KNOWING INTELLIGENCE or BEING- then what better PARTNER could you have as you create multiple streams of income? This was ROCKEFELLER’s belief, and he gave away fully 10% of his Income all his Life.

Can you imagine anyone at the Top of his or her profession who isn’t organized?

What is Life WITHOUT PEOPLE? People are the BOTTOM LINE. How are your RELATIONSHIPS? Could they be BETTER? Which Relationships do you WANT to IMPROVE?

Finally, what about Money? Whoever has enough? We all know that money DOESN’T BUY HAPPINESS but We’d like to find out for ourselves right?

A. Ever known someone who was strong in one area of Life but NEGLECTED the OTHER AREAS? Look at HOWARD HUGHES. He was a giant when it came to money but a pygmy everywhere else. THAT’S NOT SUCCESS! 
Ever known someone who focused so intently on success outside the home that the marriage suffered and maybe even died? 

Ever known someone with a lot of GREAT Ideas BUT NEVER GOT OFF the ground because he or she was DISORGANIZED?

Ever heard of someone who NEGLECTED his or her BODY in pursuit of money and died of a premature heart attack?

AND there’s the person who seems to HAVE IT TOGETHER in all other areas BUT JUST CAN’T seem to make money.

You can BE STRONG in ONE AREA – BUT a chain is NO STRONGER than its WEAKEST link. SOONER or later, UNLESS you get your total act TOGETHER, your ACHILLES HEEL will PREVENT you from REACHING the TOP.

Can you think of any examples of this? MARILYN MONROE. ELVIS PRESLEY. JOHN BELUSHI. Can you think of any politicians with an Achilles feel? What about television evangelists? The list is endless.

So, what’s your WEAK LINK, your Achilles heel? If you DON’T STRENGTHEN that weak link, life WILL EXPLOIT it.

In tennis, the FIRST THING your opponent DOES is to SIZE you up, LOOKING for your WEAK SPOT- maybe it’s your backhand. It does not matter how good your forehand is, or your lob or your approach to the net. Your opponent plays to that WEAK SPOT until you’re blown off the Court. Game. Set. Match. You’re HISTORY! Until you IMPROVE your BACKHAND, you’re NEVER going to rise in the rankings.

You’ll notice that the people you really ADMIRE – the ones who MAKE it BIG and KEEP it BIG – are those who HAVE IT TOGETHER in ALL SIX AREAS of their life. There’s such temptation to jump in and pursue our goals with a single-minded determination. We tell ourselves “Well, once I make my First Million, I’ll have plenty of time for relationships” or “As soon as my material side is taken care of, I’ll focus on my physical side or spiritual side.”

In the race between the tortoise and the hare, it’s very frustrating to watch your competition speed off while you take time to BALANCE your Life. But the hare is going to have a FLAT TIRE up ahead and WASTE a lot of energy trying to fix it. Then you’ll PASS him UP and LEAVE him FOREVER in your DUST.

It’s a PROVEN FACT that BALANCED individuals have ONLY 10% as many serious illnesses as those who are maladjusted.  SO, SLOW DOWN, STRENGTHEN YOUR WEAKNESSES, REGAIN YOUR BALANCE and WORK on ALL 6 AREAS of your Life DAILY. Sink your pylons deep into the Earth so that the skyscraper of your Life will be built on a FIRM FOUNDATION.

Simple joys and simple living are STILL and ARE ALWAYS the BEST!  I just want to send you, all my dear friends, all the blessings and positive energy. Please help me spread them around!!! Have a blessed and a PAGTAKHAN (which, in English, means “WONDERFUL or MARVELLOUS”) week, everyone!!!

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