Jason Kenney Gratifies His Supporters

Jason Kenney Gratifies His Supporters

Last November 30, 2017 at the Palm Room of the Radisson Hotel South in Edmonton Jason Kenney showed his Appreciation to everyone who supported his campaign in the last 18 months. Among those present were volunteers who put in hours and days of work promoting the programs being upheld by Kenney.

Kenney voiced out his extreme recognition to all his volunteers many of whom are from various demographics and without which his campaign would not have been as successful. As part of his acknowledgment speech Kenney articulated the phrase “thank you” into various languages such as “merci” (French), “salamat” (Tagalog), etc.

Jason Kenney will be seeking a seat in the Alberta Legislature in the riding of Calgary-Lougheed and the Election will be held on December 14 this year. Kenney is encouraging his constituents to come out and support his goal of promoting the Alberta Advantages.

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