This world is a mix of people that can be compared to a large drum and bugle corps. The bigger the number of members, the harder it is to get everyone playing together, but the better music sounds they produce in the end.

What makes a good member of the band?
First, each person should do what he or she does best. A drummer should not attempt to play the trumpet when he/she is not assigned to do so. Musicians need confidence in both themselves and in the instruments they play. Above all, they must practice until they play their instruments better as they possibly can. Each member of the band has an important role to play. Remember, the entire drum and bugle corps performs at its peak only when each member is playing his/her assigned part. They must get along as individuals to perform their best as a group.

Now, think of the world, in particular, the Filipino Community as a huge band. There is great diversity between the different individuals, just as there is great diversity between the drum sets, xylophone, the horns, and the percussions in the band. Nevertheless, each section has an important part to play when each is allowed to play each part, the “performance” is a tremendous success.
Do play the music as written by the composer and pay attention to the conductor. So as the entire citizenry or members of the group must abide with what the law dictates through the elected leaders.

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