Story of a Friend

Story of a Friend

Life is like a game, every time you level up, it becomes harder and more challenging. Those things teach us to be more independent and wakes us up towards the bites of reality. That is why you need to think of a strategy, so you will win fair and square. Even though you might lose, you should not give up and just go on.

A friend, we happen to meet them since our early ages. You will know who is real, true and who is not. You will know if they are always by your side and they always talk to you. They would give advices mostly on love if you have a problem with your “love life”. They would give you “hugots” that will leave you thoughts and will stay in your mind.

They are the type of friends that makes crazy and insane things with you. They are the ones that you are together with in the Principal’s office. They are like your brothers and sisters that loves you. They will be with you until the end – but something has changed… I fell in love with my best friend. I do not know how it happened that is why my mind got confused. Every smile and laugh of yours meant a lot to me. Every message of yours completes and fills my day that are full of sadness and loneliness. I do not know if this is right, but one thing I know is I fell in love with my best friend. Love is so unpredictable. I continued how I feel because that is what my heart says, but one day, I confessed and that was the happiest day of my life because you feel the same way. Days passed, I stopped the whole Universe just to heart our hearts beating. I sacrificed my time just to give it to you. You had all my attention, but one day when I woke up, why are you not by my side anymore. I hold onto you and hoped that it would be forever but why was I still a failure? It seemed that the stars disappeared that were visible to my eyes. It seemed like the heartbeats disappeared that my ears used to hear. It seemed like the promises that are made by you and me was blown away by the wind. What happened?

What really happened? Did I do something wrong? Are you tired of me? Are you not happy anymore? So many questions just went and flew into my mind on why did we separate. I was confused on the events. I could not sleep for some reason. I cried over and over again because I feel like you are forever gone from me. It felt like a perfume that you can just smell it at first but when time passes, it will slowly disappear. You are my kind of friend that I used to tell my problems with. My friend that I am always with, in good times and in bad times. My friend that I was always with in crazy things. You are one of a kind – But it seems like everything has changed. There’s a major question that left me in thoughts,” Was I not enough?”

One day, I texted you, pretended nothing happened. I asked how you were doing, you told me you were “ok”, and you called me your “best friend” again. You left me a smile on my lips but you also left me a single thought that I should realize that this is how far we can get – that I will always be your friend and just your Best Friend.

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