How did I become involve?

How did I become involve?

How I became a part of the Mrs. Philippine Ambassador 2018 pageant started with a simple invite from Ate Fely, a friend from Calgary.

She sent me a message offering me to join a pageant, because she thought that I had what it takes to be a good competitor.

I wanted to give it some thought but I received another message from the pageantry, saying that I should consider joining the pageant. And so, I got back to Ate Fely a week after and I told her “ok, I will join the pageant”. I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to try something new and maybe have fun in the process.

At the beginning of my little journey, I met and got acquainted with the rest of the contestants during our meet and greet, and actually became close friends with some of them.

Most of us contestants spent our pageant days thinking about how we would stand out in order to impress the audience and the judges because we know that even though we are friends we were still part of a competition against each other.

I told myself that I would do my best, relax and enjoy the friendly competition, to show sportsmanship and make the best out of it without putting any pressure on my mind whatsoever!

The preparation.
The pageant was more exhausting and a lot more work than I expected. Most people think that we just walk around on our stilettos & look pretty but it’s more tiring than you think.

I had to drive to Calgary every weekend and come back the same day.

We had hours and hours of training every Sunday. We trained on how to present ourselves as well as how to sit and walk. But for me, the most exhausting part was keeping a smile on my face the entire time pictures were being taken. My entire face was sore and numb from smiling so much! hahaha 🙂

I spent hours in the mall and online looking around for the best gown, as well as buying crafts and materials for making a unique festival costume. Luckily, I had great deal of help from friends and loved ones in completing all of it on time.

Worldly experience

I used to actively avoid meeting people and opportunities to learn and network with them. It was the pageant that made me realize that you learn the most when you are out of your comfort zone.

I learned a lot from this adventure, met some great people and experienced and discovered my potential. Because of this, I told myself that no matter what the outcome would be, there is always room for improvement and that I will always try to be my best at anything I do.

*I’m not very competitive but I do like a great challenge, and I don’t give up very easy. We have no control over what we go through in life but it is how we handle these challenges that will define who really are.

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