The Power of Love VS The Love of Power

The Power of Love VS The Love of Power

Love is inherent in every living creature, especially, in man.
Nobody, not even the notorious criminal, can claim that he does not know the essence of love. Criminals truly love what they are doing. For instance, they love to kill in order to live. The love of self is their life’s paradigm. They’ve found the meaning of their lives by doing so. Are they truly evil when killing is their livelihood? Don’t we know that some of them, had committed major criminal offences and became riding-in-tandem hitmen, bank robbers, arsons etc; the worst are the leaders who enforced the exercise of genocide. Also, manifold cases had already been proven in Courts for minor cases than the former for the commission of fraudulent acts such as defamation, forgery, estafa, etc. If that’s how they’ve perceived the meaning of love; then, what kind of society is awaiting ahead of us? Justifiably, they may call such phenomenon as the power of love.

The lower forms of animals like lions, pythons, tigers, and the rest of wild animals, do practice preying in order to live. Quite noticeable is the “survival of the fittest phenomenon.” These may also be called as the power of love.

So, what’s wrong with taking advantage of other’s lives then if these phenomena are the vivid examples of loving?

But, wait a minute! Are we all aware that real good is different from apparent good? That, there is a distinction between clean and just looks clean. That, sincerity is different from pretension or hypocrisy? That, love is really good if it attends to the common good—promoting benevolent love—loving and protecting one another. Living, not leaving and letting live. Real good, therefore, is the base model of one, true, and authentic love. The power of love is the root cause of all blessings. It’s concrete!

On the other hand, the love of power may be more prevalent in the world of wrong understanding and exercise of politics. If so, resulting to digging the root cause of all evils. However, I’ve known some politicians who, until this moment, are serving the people base on their set of moral standards as well as of their Mission and Vision Statements. There’s nothing wrong with loving your power—the power to execute what has been designed for the common good. The use of abuse is the cause and must be prevented and abhorred.

But still, there are a few who are unmindful of others in the workplace. Who are acting like they have the monopoly of Rights yet neglecting their Duties to respect other’s Rights and Privileges. That is why, harassment, bullying, mobbing, discrimination, and racism have been rampant and deprived of justice. Fight and you may be fired!

Obviously, any person in authority who practices those malevolent acts is madly in love with power. Alas! Your self-esteem will be stolen, your freedom and alienable right will be hampered, your work-style will be sacrificed, your job is at stake, your life will be ruined if you’ve crossed-way with the insecure, authoritative, and discriminative leaders.

Too much love of power is the root cause of all disgrace.

Let’s take the course at the University of Life which is entitled: “Enhancement of the Power of Love.”

Happy Lover’s Day to All!

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