Filipinos Success' Stories: Kaya Ko; Kaya Mo!

Filipinos Success' Stories: Kaya Ko; Kaya Mo!
If I can; You surely can!

By Marianne Rosal

If you’ve ever visited Go Honda, you may have met Rob Victoria, the Go Honda Club Manager in Edmonton’s westside. Rob is one of the many people helping kababayans reach their dream of owning a vehicle.

When asked what makes him feel so accomplished, he responds, “when I see smiles on the faces of my clients after I deliver their vehicle. Having a car is not only a need, but a wish for everyone. Being a channel in fulfilling that wish makes me feel great.”

And this satisfaction and what he attributes to his astounding 33 years of sales experience. However, he didn’t start off this way. In the Philippines, Rob was a licensed civil engineer before he found his way in marketing and sales. Before moving to Canada, Rob even had experience working for United Laboratories promoting pharmaceutical brands.

Then Rob moved to Canada where, wanting to improve his life and his family’s, he worked a variety of jobs and obtained real estate, investment and insurance license to add to his skillset. He has worked as a financial advisor, a mortgage specialist and a real estate agent before he found himself in Go Honda.

All in all, Rob’s career path took a colorful turn towards marketing and sales. “I’m a natural marketeer,” he comments, “ I have the knack for dealing with people and selling.”

When asked to ponder and think if this is what he thought he would be doing, he responds, “At a young age,, my parents taught me to be independent. Being independent makes you adapt and accomplish any task, in any circumstance. That for me is also being able to live your dreams and aspirations.”

The actions make the man, and Rob’s decisions has truly made him. He walks his talk by how he has lived his life, continuously growing and adding to his skill set. Like many new immigrants, Rob had difficulties. But to Rob, his determination and belief in his ability to accomplish got him through the toughest points of his life, as he says, “Nothing is impossible. Your height determines your flight.”

Amongst all his accomplishments, Rob cites that reaching out to his kababayans is the most rewarding. “I am proud that I am able to reach out to my fellow Filipinos and Canadians with good intentions, sincerity and honesty,” he says, “These enabled be to develop a good network of clients who have also become my good friends.”
And indeed, Rob’s success is only paralleled by how many people he has encountered, many of which he calls dear friends.

To kababayans who dream of a career in sales and marketing, or who wish to, like Rob, re-engineer their lives after having moved to Canada, he says, “The best advise I can give is for them to always think that anything is possible, as long as one has the right attitude and intention to achieve.”



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