The Truth in Our Labels

The Truth in Our Labels
3 Reasons to Start Reading the Label

Did you know: anything can be labeled as ‘natural’.
The term “natural” in personal care is unregulated. As such, products labeled and sold as ‘natural’ may still contain harmful chemicals.

Human Nature, the Philippines’largest, genuinely natural personal care and cosmetics social enterprise brand, encourages consumers to make healthier choices with Read the Label.

The aim of Read the Label is simple – to keep consumers in the blush of health by helping them steer clear of harmful chemicals that have been linked to health risks while providing the best natural solutions for all their personal care needs.

Here are easy ways on how to spot the safest products, even while you shower.

1. Decode the Ingredient List
Are you guilty of buying products because of enticing claims such as ‘natural’ or ‘made with natural extracts’? These products might seem like a good idea until you look deeper into their ingredient list.
Did you know that the first five ingredients make up the product’s formula? This is means that even if a product is tagged ‘natural’ or has specific ‘natural ingredient’ called out, it can’t be genuinely natural if the top ingredients are mainly chemicals.

Reading through the ingredient list also helps identify harmful chemicals to avoid like sodium laureth sulfate, phthalates, paraben preservatives, triclosan, petroleum-derived oils, synthetic musks and mineral oils.
If you have sensitive skin, a hypoallergenic labeled personal care product may also contain irritants like propylene glycol or synthetic fragrances.

Consumer safety has always been Human Nature’s top priority. This is why the social enterprise brand commits to using only the safest, natural ingredients in all its products. Each product goes through careful research and testing measures in Human Nature Natural Care Labs in Laguna, Philippines before making its way to every Human Nature shelf across the globe.

2. Seek the Seal
Are you wary of products with confusing claims and intimidating labels? Don’t fret! Genuinely safe and natural products are easy to spot with the Natural Products Association (NPA)’s Natural Seal.

NPA is the largest and oldest non-profit organization in the US dedicated to the promotion of natural manufacturing, environmental safety, and protection of consumers’ health. The NPA Seal certifies compliance with the NPA Standard for Personal Care Products for consumer safety.

Ingredients used in products bearing the NPA seal must not pose human health risks as shown by peer-reviewed third-party scientific literature and the product is not tested on animals. At least 95% of ingredients should be natural, and most importantly, the product must list all ingredients on the label to qualify for an NPA Natural seal.
In 2015, Human Nature became the first Filipino brand to become a member of the NPA. The social enterprise brand previously held the distinction of having the highest number of NPA-certified products in the world.

3. Switch to Genuine Goodness
Switching to genuinely natural doesn’t have to happen overnight. You can start small by tossing out your latest empties and replacing them with genuinely natural alternatives. Human Nature offers a wide array of personal care and cosmetics products that cares for your skin, cares for the earth, and cares for others as well. Human Nature’s dignified labor practices and fair-trade pledge helps uplift the Philippines’ poorest.

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About Human Nature
Human Nature is the Philippines’ largest brand of genuinely natural, affordable personal care, cosmetics and home care products. Founded in 2008 by Dylan Wilk, Anna Meloto-Wilk, and Camille Meloto, Human Nature’s products are 100% made in the Philippines and 100% free from harmful chemicals. Operated by social enterprise Gandang Kalikasan Inc. (GKI), Human Nature is driven by the core philosophies of being PRO-PHILIPPINES, PRO-POOR and PRO-ENVIRONMENT. In 2012, Human Nature was recognized by the World Economic Forum’s Schwab Foundation as a Champion for Social Entrepreneurship. In 2016, Human Nature became the first Asian brand to receive a Sustainability Pioneer Award from Ecovia Intelligence (Organic Monitor), a globally-recognized think tank for the organic beauty industry.

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