To Love Is To Have

To Love Is To Have

Christmas is a Gift; to love is a Choice.
Christmas Season is the perfect expression of God’s Love; and a happy life is its fruit.
Whoever accepts or receives the gift is partaking the power of love. However, some of us would have rather chosen to feel bitter than better; preferred to be empty shells rather than a fully-loaded source of power-shelter; and therefore, could hardly be able to share the joy, peace, and blessings that the Christmas can bring to every heart and soul.

There are two things to choose from during this Season:
1) A mind and heart full of peace and joy, and
2) Ears filled with trouble. Your choice!

Life is a gift; giving life as a gift is a choice.
If life is a gift, then, it should be appreciated and enjoyed. Is this a paradigm? Is it universal? I don’t think so. During this Season, reciprocating gifts is normally expected especially by children. Giving gifts is usually coupled with the elements of surprise from either ends. Sometimes, the ones giving the gifts are the ones being surprised.
Why? For the reason that the recipient doesn’t like what is given to him. Why? because he has already set a standard—the mind has already been conditioned with what kind of gift is going to be received. Does he have to reject or refuse the gift then? But it is insulting doing so. The result therefore is to just take the gift home and put it in the stock room. It turns meaningless then. It is lifeless then. !

Christmas and life are both gifts. Can we equate the meaning of both by having a gift?

That, when there is no gift, then, there is no life?

Ask yourself the essentials of life: Am I a gift or Do I have a gift this Christmas time?

Do I accept the gift I see or just rejecting even the Gift-Giver? Do you choose to love or to hate? Your choice!

But still then, Let’s all share the gift of life and salvation while celebrating the Holy Season. May we all be blessed with all the joy that life can bring during the Season and throughout the New Year.

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