Resources for Challenges with Winter

Resources for Challenges with Winter

The winter season is beautiful, and it is something that many people look forward to every year. That being said, there are real, tangible challenges that can insourmatable for anyone who is still getting used to the way of life here.

Below is a list of some of these resources:

• For helping someone, including yourself, who may be harmed by the weather.
• 211 and then press 3: Calling this number is for the Crisis Diversion Team, which is the most appropriate resource for events that are described as “helping someone in distress before police or emergency services are needed.” In the winter, these could be someone who is outside exposed to the elements without proper winter clothing, perhaps huddled in a bench or corner of a building or sleeping on the streets.
• 911: Everyone knows this number, and it’s handy to remember to contact this number in situations where immediate assistance by an ambulance, police or fire department is needed. What’s handy is now, there is texting feature available as well, though some set-up with your wireless cellphone provide is needed.
• 811: This number is the Alberta HealthLine. With winter, there are a few common illnesses that come around like the flu and others. This is handy for non-emergency medical situations, especially when you are unsure whether going to a medical clinic is worthwhile.

• For Snow and Ice clearing.
• Community League Sand Boxes: Whenever snow falls, sidewalks in front of one’s home need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Sprinkling sand that is mixed with small gravel can help with having grip and traction on the sidewalks as well, making it less slippery. You can get free sand in the Sandbox located in your community league hall. For more information and to identify the nearest Sandbox at
• Snow Shoveling Help for Seniors: It can be dangerous for seniors and people with physical challenges to shovel snow. There are organized referral programs such as the Seniors Home Support Program that can be useful in finding a reputable referral. Another suggestion is for those who are able-bodied and know that their neighbour next door may struggle with snow clearing, to simply shovel in on their behalf.

• Leisure Activities in the Winter
• Winter Excitement Guide: Every year, the city releases a comprehensive catalogue of activities that anyone can enjoy in the winter. Majority of them are catered to the season, so it will involve exploring the great outdoors in a way that is both fun and safe. But there are also many indoor activities for those who want to stay cozy. This is a comprehensive list, from activities that are free or that may require registration. There’s something for everyone!
• Explore Edmonton: This is a really good website that outlines all upcoming activities in the city all year. This is a handy place to check out any interesting festivals with all the details such as Ice on Whyte, The Flying Canoe, and more!

Many of these resources are within Edmonton, while some are within the province or even throughout the country. This is not an exhaustive list and it is only to serve as a starting point for resources.

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