Bakeline Ltd., Primera bake products now available

Bakeline Ltd., Primera bake products now available
Baker Rica Marano with husband Jayson during the Primera “Handmade from Scratch” Bakery launching, Dec.12, at the TFC along Roper Road.

Two family-owned business companies, Bakeline Ltd. and Primera, both selling bakery products, have launched its products to Edmontonians this month.

Bakeline held a taste test last Dec.8 at the 6th Sense Café inside the Mill Woods Town Centre where they will be displaying their products while Primera launched their line of baked goodies on Dec.12 at the TFC along Roper Road.
Winsli Torres and Naomi Laxina are the bakers for Bakeline. Torres said that they have choices of cookies and cream, cheese and ube for their bread, the kind of bread that is famous is San Fernando, Pampanga where they come from. “Napaka sikat ng cheese bread naming doon, kaya may cheese bread din na tayo ditto sa Edmonton,” said Torres.

Baker Rica Marano of Primera hopes that one day Primera will be a household name. “We would strive to be the best, hence the name Primera,” said Marano, whose husband Jayson and their three children are helping her run their business.

Marano has been a baker for 15 years and decided to put up their own business last summer.

Bakeline Ltd. baker Naomi Laxina (2nd from left) attends to customers during their free tasting event, Dec.8, at the 6th Sense Cafe.

Photos by Moses Billacura | Alberta Filipino Journal

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