This Filipino Cruelty-Free Brand is Now Available in Canada

This Filipino Cruelty-Free Brand is Now Available in Canada
Human Nature uplifts the Philippines’ poor communities with genuinely natural products

For Filipino personal care and cosmetics social enterprise brand Human Nature, beauty goes beyond what you see in the mirror.

Since its inception in 2008, Human Nature has been a pioneering force in the Philippine beauty industry. Human Nature was one of the first beauty brands in Southeast Asia to stand against animal testing. In 2012, it became the first Filipino cosmetic brand certified cruelty-free by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

“Toxicity studies require several tests that include putting the product in the eyes of the animal until it goes blind, forcing animals to inhale products until the point of suffocation and forcing animals to ingest the product in bigger and bigger quantities until it dies. Along with other humane companies all over the world, one of Human Nature’s core policies is against animal testing. We will not compromise on this core value,” Human Nature Chairman and Co-founder Dylan Wilk explains.

Currently, Human Nature is the first and only Southeast Asian brand on the roster of the US Natural Products Association (NPA), a US-based non-profit organization that upholds the strictest standards for natural personal care products in the world. All NPA members comply with the NPA standard for the naturalness of ingredients, human safety, environmental responsibility, and sustainability, and must not test on animals.

Human Nature is also the first Asian brand to win in the prestigious Ecovia (Organic Monitor) Sustainable Beauty Awards. In 2017, Human Nature’s President and Co-founder Anna Meloto-Wilk was named Beauty Industry Woman of the Year by London-based industry publication Cosmetics Design.

The Beauty Industry’s Ugly Secret
What goes on before beauty products hit the counter is an ugly process.

Imagine this: you’re kept in a tiny cage only to be taken out when it’s time for tiny needles to poke your body. Your eyes, your ears, your skin—they all melt away one by one, leaving you in excruciating pain until you die. For animals in cosmetic testing labs, this is their daily life.

According to the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, over 100 million animals die each year from cosmetic testing. Animals like rats, rabbits, dogs, and monkeys are kept in testing facilities to determine a product’s effects on human skin or human health.

Animal testing does not guarantee that a product is safe for consumption. Most synthetic products still contain harmful chemicals that may cause irritation or pose long-term health risks to humans. Some products also contain ingredients like plastic nanoparticles, aerosols, and bleaches that can adversely impact aquatic life or pollute the air.
Meanwhile, Canada is all set to put a stop on animal testing. Bill S-214 or Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, which prohibits animal testing on Canadian shores and the sale of imported products that have gone through animal testing, has passed the Senate and is going on to the House of Commons.

The next time you’re looking for new products at your beauty counter, choose ones that bring you true beauty inside and out. Let Human Nature give you the glow that comes from products made with the utmost kindness. Every cruelty-free and genuinely natural Human Nature product sold helps uplift the Philippines’ poorest communities through dignified labor practices and fair trade. Check out the complete roster of Human Nature products by visiting

About Human Nature
Human Nature is the Philippines’ largest brand of genuinely natural, affordable personal care, cosmetics and home care products. Founded in 2008 by Dylan Wilk, Anna Meloto-Wilk, and Camille Meloto, Human Nature’s products are 100% made in the Philippines and 100% free from harmful chemicals. Operated by social enterprise Gandang Kalikasan Inc. (GKI), Human Nature is driven by the core philosophies of being PRO-PHILIPPINES, PRO-POOR and PRO-ENVIRONMENT. In 2012, Human Nature was recognized by the World Economic Forum’s Schwab Foundation as a Champion for Social Entrepreneurship. In 2016, Human Nature became the first Asian brand to receive a Sustainability Pioneer Award from Ecovia Intelligence (Organic Monitor), a globally-recognized think tank for the organic beauty industry.

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