Two Tagalog-speaking pharmacists join Medicus Clinic

Two Tagalog-speaking pharmacists join Medicus Clinic
Medicus pharmacists Flavie Ann Clet (left) and Ken Vee Alsaybar are the new staff ready to take care of the prescription needs of patients in Edmonton at the Medicus Family Health Clinic and Pharmacy.(Photo by Moses Billacura)

EDMONTON — Two Tagalog-speaking Pharmacists have joined the Medicus Family Health Clinic’s Pharmacy department.

Patients can directly call the pharmacy department at 780-784-3351 and talk to either Flavie Clet or Ken Vee Alsaybar. They can also bring their prescriptions and the staff can readily help them.

“We are glad to get the services of two Pharmacists to serve our patients this year,” said Medicus co-founder and marketing director Kris Salumbides.

Flavie Clet has also received training to serve smokers who have been wanting to quit smoking. “I can help them with that too,” she said.

Medicus started its operations in June last year, supporting the community in providing medical professional staff who can speak proficiently in Tagalog and in English.

Salumbides said they are glad to open the health clinic in order to answer to the clamor from patients who would like to see or talk to health professionals that can speak their native language.

“That way, we can serve them better,” said Salumbides.

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